Hope at the Border - Medical Outreach #2

YWAMTYLER Outreaches

Our ministry began this Spring going down to our Southern Border with a scouting team to see how we can get involved with bringing some hope to the many people who live along the border whether here in Texas or in Mexico.  Since then we have organized a number of volunteers into teams of people from local churches to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ in the most practical ways. Basic needs, from just a change of clothes to some food.  

Laurie and I joined another Medical outreach this November that consisted of Doctors, Nurses and  two Dentists.  Laurie once again brought her hair styling talent and I volunteered to assist both dentists, Dr. Nichols and Dr. Holland. In realizing that we would have more translation assistance this time, I needed to position myself in such a way to help both assistants as well as dentists, without being in the way.  So I choose to be behind the table of dental equipment. Though there were some duplicate tools, many had to be shared and constantly cleaned and sterilized after each use. Cleaning up the areas of the table where currently used tools were laid was also important. 

Laurie's make shift hair shop again was in operation as many people always need a haircut. One team member was surprised to see Laurie do this in light of their greater needs until he saw the look of joy on the ones who received haircuts. While across the border in Reynosa, Laurie met two cute little girls, who are living in the 'tent city' park. Please pray for these who have dreams that only God can bring to them.

Throughout the whole medical clinic, all those who came to see us, saw the demonstration of Jesus' love towards them. We prayed that the Lord would direct their steps and trust in Him to lead them on the rest of the journey.

Dr Nichols was able to pray and lead a precious soul to trust Christ for their salvation as they surrendered to His Lordship.


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